March 31st, 2020


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Wilson Whipple. Keeping me company next to mah coffee cup.

Don't you drink your morning caffiend from The Grail? O.o

Dump! 4 Wow I get bored

Buh. *finger drumming* Walk taken. Nap taken. Sandwich eaten. TV is a wasteland. I mean the shopping channel is hawking flatware. Clearance. Only 2 styles. With sporks. Oy! PBS is showing their pledge drive drivel of people selling self-help dross. I ask you!
I'm listening to the music channels is how desperate I am. Somewhat surprised that I favor the Alternate and Independant collections. Or perhaps it isn't a surprise as I did like it back in the day even when rock was decent. Ahem.
Out in nature I have seen ducks. One green headed mallard and a female that is...well she looks like she's in city camo actually - chunky black & white. I think they must be pets? I've seen robins at last. Were they always so skittish? Almost as soon as I see them, they wing it. I can not tell if the giant birds I see wheeling far over the river are vultures or bald eagles? I'd be bad a WWII plane spotting. ;) There was a single black water bird with a long neck and a yellow beak sitting on a log in the creek above a waterfall. I wonder what it is?
My car is acting up again. New exhaust system, new brakes, and now oil is just *poof* disappearing. It isnt leaking out onto my parking spot. Where it go? I dunno!
Celebs are reading bedtime stories. There must be some good learning things out there. Ted talks are just the tip of the iceberg.
The rest of my family has decided to jump on Zoom. No comment.
Cabin fever. (BTW thank you for the radio show name!!)I'm /trying/ to comply. Honest. I walk &avoid other pedestrians. Drive around in my car. But I do stop for fast food drive thru. Or I get a sandwich at the walk-in sandwich shop. Which is my worst trangression. And what can I do but go into the laundrymat & grocery store? I want to shop yet I realized today that most of the stuff I want online would be coming from areas that are prob in lockdown? Damn. On the otherhand I suppose Etsy people are small business that could use the money?

First car? Worst car? First drink? Worst drink?
If you were going to have your portrait painted and you could choose the style? I am leaning towards queen elizabeth the first's dress with the eyes all over it. Nicely surreal.
My neighbor, for reasons I can not fathom, has cut back our lilac at the end of the driveway. Lady, you are not the gardener. You are not even A gardener. For Fs sake couldnt you have waited until AFTER it flowered or before it started new growth? It is not supposed to be a scraggly lollipop of dead wood with a foot of greenery on top where you couldn't reach. Ruined the whole bush. *facepalm* Come to think when I offered to get her some pansies last week she said, "I'm not good with flowers." Ya think??
I am trying not to leave my house today. O.O Trying. Restless.
IHeartRadio living room concert. Sam Smith is good and I will have to look him up after this! Wait, elton john doesn't have an instrument in his house? Are you kidding me? Just his sons' practice piano? Dude, that is a piano. Get over yourself. :p
Apparently Mother Nature is PISSED about global warming and is showing us what not being able to go outside feels like. That the enviroment is far better off without us.
My friend is pushing the idea that plagues happen every 100 years or so. 1918, 1820, 1720, 1620, 1540. And that everyone stayed inside during them. I dont think normal people were able to stay inside. Sure pull up the drawbridge for rich folk but normal people had to work. no one knew about germs. Vapors perhaps. Demons fer sure. What do you think?
I got a piece of junk mail today. Guidelines supplied by Babyhands? I laughed & trashed it. I listen to doctors not circus peanuts. The Dr Faucci donuts are cute.
Interesting. A doctor & engineer have created a 3d printed fitting that will split ventilator machine air to serve 4 patients instead of 1 or 2. Currently since it is untested the government says they'd rather treat 1 person over trying to save 4. Let us hope we do not get to that decision point. *knock on wood*
I dont know. I do not like my schedule being jostled. It is usually good for me to get out of the rut but regardless it is unnerving. My anxiety is up. I bought chocolate. I dont normally eat chocolate since I got the news that my brother has diabeties. I have been eating chocolate. I actually feel a little better after.
Oh! I get it! People are putting paper hearts in their windows to show gratitude and support for healthcare workers and essential workers. This is the first community action I have seen advertised here. In the big cities people are all applauding at 5,6 or7pm, out their windows or doorways.
I'm more than a little sick of repubs all chanting, "now is not the time to criticise!" When is? When will it be time AND you will listen?
Self-isolating on a yatch? Oh he's driving, cooking, washing, everything... All by himself? On a yatch? Spiff.
I think Tom Hanks had the idea with Wilson.
I walked quickly around the block a few times, without any media for the first time. 30 minutes. I think I hurt my neck holding my head upright for that long. No joke!
LJ madlibs. One person makes the story & everyone else adds words or pictures. Could be fun?

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People are not taking this seriously in my area. Well, it isnt a hotbed for science it must be said.
You know who is taking it seriously? The police are not arresting people. Only giving tickets. I'm little O.o about that new policy.
At least the weather is good? It comes & goes. I may have even gotten a bit of a sunburn today.
The mountain laurel's strands of bell flowers drape down like expensive jewelry. Lovely pearl chandeliers.
There are pops of deep purple and dark pink flowers amongst the yellows of daffodils. Spring is progressing.

No ducks today. A pair of seagulls instead and I havent even mentioned the starlings, house sparrows, and crows in abundance.
The skies when they are blue are BLUE. Polarized sunglasses, baby. ;)
I am listening to the new age music channel. Calm! And the Alternative & throwback hip hop &...etc! How's by you? What's your playlist?
Library of Congress recognized the comedy songs of Alan Sherman? How nice! About time too.
I'm okay. *knock on wood* I mean, really, I am among the blessed. Hope y'all are hanging tough!

Any good funny vids? Met museum is online. Aquariums are online so you can watch fish. Whatcha got?
Oh! You zeen the sockpuppet pacman eating cars outside the window? Funny! Creative!