March 6th, 2020


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Buds on the trees as of last week. Not the beer.
Seems early? They also already laid out the frog runway. Spring is getting weird. Best wishes to all the amphibians.


1) the Zinc appears to have done its magic. All hail the might Zinc!

2) one of my Chinese friends told me today that he saw a vid of a mob in London hitting someone they thought was Chinese. When the victim yelled he was from the Philippines they let him go. So my friend has his defense strategy to wear a sign front & back "I'm from the Philippines!" Which is funny and sad. I said, "i love my friend from the philippines!" & hugged him.

3) did i mention work is painfully slow? People are afraid of crowds & afraid of Asians. Chinatowns have seen business slump 80%. Which means those workers & owners cant afford to go out either. Double whack.

4) Hey! Why is it when a man says, "Hey Momma!" It is all sexy & cool. But when a woman says "Hey Daddy!" everyone is all she has /issues/. O.o
She loses status and he gains. Culture is weird, man.

5) ooo! You might appreciate this - ONTD here on lj had a post "why americans say 'like' all the time". They claim it is because of the song "Valley Girl" by Frank Zappa. Which just made me shake my head and chuckle. You silly kids. We were saying "like" lonnnnnnnng before that song hit. Like, way before.
I was like, "how old are you? Cuz like, my mom was all like "you mean she SAID! No one is like!"
(Also it came out in 83, not "the 70s".)

LJers, do you use "like"? Like, a lot?
What slang do you still use?

I find I have tapered off. Of course I dont say "Dynomite!" anymore either. I will "totally".