March 4th, 2020


I need one of these

Mens King Arthur hoodie
How cool is that??? So cool! $28? But they do say it is sweatshirty material so dont expect it to hold shape. Eh.

Pants to go wit.

I mean, sure, rather have (and fit into) this pretty thing

But the others are sweats

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Coworker ranted that of course the chinese are spreading flu because they are a dirty & disgusting race. "Why cant they eat regular food? They eat rats and dogs! Fish eyes!"
IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS he said this! Public!

I suppose I didnt help because I did mention there was a news story that they think.the flu came from a bat.

I dunno. I just dont know. Why are there people like this? You eat what you have around to eat. If thats a bat - eat it!

I dunno.

Caller to radio show pointed out that the media is ignoring Warren. Pundents agree and then immediately talk about the "2 remaining candidates". Men!