February 25th, 2020


Eh. Ruling.

Yeah, yeah. I am pleased Harvey was convicted of /something/. Rapist pig. And sure, it feels "historic".
But slow your roll on the ticker tape parade, femms. It is one. There has been a first woman in a lot of stuff. Progress of One over None is great but not a complete reversal or unqualified triumph. It is a START, not the finish line. Show me a line of successes and then I might shake a pompom.

Shake a pom. Shake a pompom. *dance*
(Ironic song choice? Whatev)

Ah, I was actually thinking of Shake Your Bon Bon, ricky!
Which I shall dance to, unrelated to this post! :p

Pancake day



I am, however, in a depressive turn. So....yeah.
Maybe pancakes will help?

Going to /try/ to watch the debate tonight.
Anyone else?