February 16th, 2020


Surrounded by cashews

It happened again. Normal conversation starts
Me, heard on the radio chinese restaurants are empty.
Them, so much crazy is going on.
Me, everyone is afraid of the flu
Them, Chinese gov finally admitted part of how bad so must be really bad.
Me, It is killing young people like the doctor.
Them, he was a whistleblower. They are covering up. They tried to say it was from animals.
Me, ?
Them, it escaped from their labs. There's a lab here by NYC. That's where lyme disease came from.
Me, *trying to play along* there's a lyme disease vaccine but it got canned.
Them, oh i dont trust any of that stuff.
Me in my head, people like you are why i didnt have the choice to get vaccine and got lyme disease! You want thanks for screwing me over?

Just goes off the rails into hate of government

Like, we are not moonshiners. Wth? Gov takez taxes and hate goes from there? Inherited hate? Convient scapegoat? What?

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"Great minds think alike!"

O.o. o.O

No, they dont. Dumb minds think alike.
Great minds diverge, explore, question and create.

Silly cliche'

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Valentine's weekend. Possibly Presidents day?

Has your Significant Other ever asked you to wear something special for them?
Did you?
Is there a particular outfit you think they look(looked) really good wearing?
Did you ever ask them to wear it?

Inquiring minds.

I have a certain eye for dark pants, a white cotton button down shirt and a vest. Maybe boots. It shows off the shoulders well.


I am already like this when I get through the door

Oh Valentines...how you do hang on.
XMen 179. Looked like a horror comic.

Bought. Read.

Boom. I was in love.