February 4th, 2020



Back in the day when Clinton was being impeached the biggest issue was him lying under oath. Which, No I did not like. Grow some balls with that waving d**k. However I also felt that lying about /an affair/ was not a crime against The Constitution. People lie about affairs all the time. Kind of a no win. Considering how many of the political people yelling outrage about it /were having affairs/...wth, men? AND it wasnt even what the investigation was supposed to be about!

Now I am thinking that we allowed a lie to go unchecked. An understandable lie, imho, but a LIE.

Now we have elected a Liar the likes of which is stupifying and there are zero consequences to him for any of it.

Related? Unintended consequences?

What unintended consequences will there be from this shame trial? I have to wonder but I can not predict.


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To all my short attention span friends and family who remain angry that Bernie didnt LEAP to throw all his support behind Her in the last run around -


The whole hacking of the democrat email thing? They plotted against him and cut him out? Ring ring?
Mrs may or may not have known but after it became public she sure didnt mind profiting from it, did she? Cuz that's what I remember. "The people have spoken!"

Which makes me never want to hear from Her again. Ever. Full stop. That She was the one who wrote a book about losing just ... Grrr.

In related news: During this selection process- I dont care who. My vote isnt going to change anything by the time it gets around to here. I do not have a favorite. But I will admit that right now I have no idea who I'd pick if the sorting was tomorrow. Just not Slytherin.