January 25th, 2020


Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy happy!

I'd try to say it in Chinese but all of my chinese coworkers just stare at me.
"Say it again? Tell me in English what are you trying to say? I still dont know what you said!"

Did you watch Babylon 5? It is exactly like Zathros's name. Look him up.
"No, Zathros."
"No, no. Listen. Zathros."

I digress! I brought in mandarin oranges which went over extremely well.

I bought a lion dance marionette! Because I neeeeeeeeed one. Hell, I need a full size lion dance head. Need. Crave. Desire. Covet. I covet the hell out of it. But where ya gonna put it?
This is a cheap little puppet of polyester, plastic & hot glue...but I haz it. The yellow one wanted to be my trophy instead of the red one. Altho there is still tomorrow and yellow may need a friend for company? We shall see.

They had fuzzy pikacho hats that light up and flap BUT. I do not neeeeeded. I haz puppet
Mmmmm puppet.
Lion dances are AWESOME. Tomorrow will bring lion dance. :>


Music: happy new year kids song. Which at least my coworkers recognize the TUNE if not my version of the words. LOL

Oh! Rumor is that customers stayed away because they fear this new flu may spread amongst the chinese population here at new years. Somewhat valid.