January 17th, 2020



Huh. I just did some quick math averaging out how much the bead charm bracelets I wear every day are worth with this week's set of beads. I change them as the mood strikes me.

Prob about $1,000

This is a pretty light load of beads too. I could easily triple that from my stash and still have room.

Holy moley

Cuz it looks like maybe $60-100 worth of jewelry, realistically if you saw it in a display case.

You've got the look

Once upon a time in girl scout camp... No!
But seriously, like the 3rd day or so a counselor called me out in front of the group for having messy long hair. I prob brushed it out in the morning but left it to do whatever until bedtime. She wanted it brushed, combed, parted and tied back.
Her: "Do you need your Mommy? Dont you care what you look like?"
Me: "No! I'm a kid. It's the woods. We're all girls. Who cares?"
Her: "You should care. Your mother would be hortified."

Well, I did not care. The message of the times was to not judge a person by what they look like. Dont judge a book by the cover. I still don't care what I look like. Other people do. Frankly there's not enough make-up in the world that would help me. So what's the point?

This is not to say /I/ am not shallow as a dime. I'm very masculine in my visual attraction drive. I appreciate pretty. Oooo momma.

Wanna see India doing boy band? Yes you do. Ok grown men being boy band. Kinda funny that way.

However. Know what I'm saying?

You got the look...sure enough do be cooking...in my books... Prince!

Sick and ...kinda tired?

I am still sick. This is not a surprise as I'll have this cold for at least 2 weeks. I was a LAZY bum and did not immediately bury it under zinc like I knew I was supposed to. Duh. Too late now.

On the bad side, nasty cold. On the weirdly plus side the body chills at night are countering my hot flashes. I'm sleeping pretty well in three hour stretches instead of the hour or so scattered thru out the night.

Ok must go pick up new movie! Because I'm OBSESSED. I hope 1) it arrived. 2) it hasnt been stolen.
Fingers crossed!
So obsessed. So very. Fixated.