December 29th, 2019


Stabbing. Must be noted.

I need more than a moment of silence for this.
A man with a Very Large Knife attacked a Hannukah party in suburb of NYC. 5 taken to hospital, 2 of which had critical injuries. No deaths.
The suspect then tried to then go into the nearby synagogue but someone shut the doors & locked him out.
This is just one in a series of attacks on Jews this week alone. WTF!

EDIT: dec 29 first post. Dec 30 edit
There was also a shooting in a church in TX. 2 dead there. A deacon & a security guard. Guy with a shotgun just started shooting. Another volunteer security guard, who is also a firearm instructor, shot the suspect dead.
That a church had in place an armed security TEAM...?
I cant even

Marx Brothers

I couldnt leave you there. No, that would be unkind.

Youtube poked me with an offer of a Marx Brothers movie clip. Hmm. I do recall that I liked the musical bits...

Chico Marx is a very good piano player. But it is all his flourishes and gimmicks that make it so fun to watch him.
Snipping with Groucho while playing

Of course you know Harpo was no slouch in either mugging or music

Who is your favorite Marx Brother?

Prob my favorite scene is the crowded cabin

Warning: Anyone who can not identify which brother is asking for trouble!