December 27th, 2019



Good morning!

Look! A cloud with claws! :)

I should sleep. At some point.

But it is going to be hard to shake the voice in my head
Cuz...yeah, I am.

Hope your day is better

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Busy busy day.

My radio alarm clock went off this morning to a talk show, "...she's just written a book about depression and suicide. Joining us are a panel of specialists to discuss..."

WTF it is following me! O.O

Cuz I really wanted to not post today after last night's fiasco. But here we are.

First: THANK YOU. I am stunned and amazed by your support. And appreciate it so very much. <3. Like whoa.

Second: mmm, yeah, No I am indeed a complete idiot and I should keep this in mind.

Third: I have issues. A lot! You've noticed. ;) Some days I'm easy to fracture.

Thank you


Remember I said youtube ate my brain last week? This is one of the videos.

Which led me to Tape Face. Have you seen him? Won America's Got Talent? Silent comedy. I like to watch people who can get ideas across without words and create emotions. Especially laughter.
Blue Man Group?

But that is ME. You may prefer this kind of silent acting - animation! Short animated film getting a lot of buzz, "Hors Piste"

It is about the rescue team going to rescue an injured mountain skiier...and things go wrong. A lot. Willie Coyote wrong.
(the coyote did it better, imho)

Oh! And have you seen the Worlds Greatest Cabert? Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde? Some great stuff. Music. Magic. Entertainment!

Etc etc *hand wave*