November 16th, 2019


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Because I am a GENIUS


You know how no one ever kerps their New Year resolutions?
This year resolve to GAIN 20 pounds!


I'll settle for neutral

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What is the Ref signal for ripping someone's helmet off and hitting them with it? Inquiring minds want to know!
"Penalty. 11 yard line. Hockey on the field..."

The Dem Debates. Are you mad at me if I admit I havent watched any of them? I mean, for where I live, by the time I get to vote in the primary - it wont matter one jot.
If we could do early voting NOW for next year I'd be ready. The Not Babyhands. Just who could they throw in there that would be worse? Cthulu? Is he a candidate? Is he worse? Hmmmm

Yesterday my Marysue had a huge fight with my Fanfic hero. Which means even with complete control...I want to fight sometimes. O.o. It IS me!

Long day. Long, long day. I can take tylenol but advil still gives me a stabbing pain where I hit my head. Wth?