November 13th, 2019


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You know the biggest difference in these impeachment hearings and the ones before?
You know why they arent going to move the needle?

We live in the Post-Truth world. Alternative Facts. Soon as that slide by, we were all doomed. Where is America?

Ozzy ozzy ozzy oy!

Ozzy new song. Well, he's in it. Mostly it is the rapper guy. Which I tried to listen to but...ugh.

So here's just Ozzy's part

I dont know. There's just something about Ozzy's voice that I really dig. Prob I imprinted at a young age. ;)

That being said as I listen to just his part there is something about his phrasing and the music in the background that makes me go "This is a country song!"
Ozzy singing country. Weird.

Extreme wild fire, flooding, snow. Violent protests, rockets, war. And some people giving testimony. Hey, what a day, right?