November 8th, 2019


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Skill I would like to acquire: piloting a drone.
Yeah, I dont know where this came from but it is true. It seems attainable for 1. I do like photography. I've this odd daydream that I'll be out somewhere and someone will NEED a drone pilot and,I'll be "I got this." Cuz you know, CPR is more useful and critical but I somehow want to crunch time to be about flying a drone...
Playing a tune well on a piano is also something I toy with pursuing. A tune. Lets not get crazy. Prob the
Pink Panther theme, if you must know.

In other news, have you ever heard of "frost flowers"? Me neither!

When the ground is not frozen but the air is, frost may form on the ends of branchs in flower-ish shapes. Kinda neat.

And the obligatory reminder:
THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Cuz it aint.

In "funny when you're ironic", listening to vermin news devotees complaining that Dems are hostile & irrational & violating norms because "they called on people to harass politicians in restaurants! It is unheard of!"
I much wrong with this statement I am giddy! Wrong, wrong and so error filled wrong!

But most of all - there you're complaining about people shouted opposing views at politicians in a restaurant...while you yourself turn vermin news up to 11 and blare it at everyone else trying to eat a meal in the cafeteria and THAT is perfectly fine??
You're funny when you're ironic. Funny. Stupid is funny.

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Fine. It is totally irrational. Fine.
I still feel like the more I fangirl the sicker he gets. As if the wanting more, (more pictures, more movies, more words,) the hunger - is devouring him piece by piece.

Le sigh.


Have I //ever// mentioned I am a worrier?

--()-- Good thoughts, dear Sir.