November 3rd, 2019


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I think all of the machines at work are freaking out over daylight savings. Even the power went out for awhile.

Hmm. Maybe the power company didnt adjust for the time shift of demand? Something. But yeah, everything is freaking

Daylight fades

For those of you starting work tomorrow in Daylight Savings Time ...
If my day today is any prediction then everyone tomorrow will be cranky as hell, not from lack of sleep but from the constant feeling of "this should be done by now!" Like, "why isnt it lunchtime yet!"

In other news, I dunno all the halloween talk and past generations prob caused me to wake up today with the thought of "strong men". Irritating.
Men, if you cant figure out how to cry /and/ be strong? do not expect your women to do it for you. I cry and I'm plenty strong. Cry your own damn tears!