September 25th, 2019


Kir away

Family went out for drinks. We all ordered different drinks.
*sip* "Blek!"
*everyone switches drinks*
*sip* "ooooo i like this one!"

It all worked out in the end. Yay!

I switched my Kir ;champagne & current liquor aka cassis (could hardly taste the liquor) for an Aberol Spritz. Nommy!

Is citrus orange, very lightly bitter and some pleasant herbishness. I drink Pernod so that was perfect. Very refreshing over ice. The garnish however...spiral cut cucumber and fresh peas? With half a plant of mint? I mean not a sprig of mint. No, this was most of the plant and it stuck up out of the top of the glass a good 6 inches.
I drank it all.

It also had just a touch of Seedlip in it. Which I just looked up and it seems interesting for a non-booze. Had it?

Work elections

Their right to elect representatives go vote for them on issues involving our /paychecks/ was ripped away by a handful of Angry people (who btw are angry only that anyone might oppose them on anything. Long story.) I fought tooth and nail against this for Two Years. Won our right for an overall vote on this issue.

Coworkers listened to Angry 8 and voted that they no longer wanted to elect representatives they want to do the voting themselvrs. One person one vote. Power to the people! one has showed up to vote. For TWO YEARS.
NOT ONE OF THEM! Power to the who exactly???
The Angry 8 show up and vote in anything they want.

Wtffffff power to the liars?