September 4th, 2019


Real men dont cry?

So as I watch these movies & have my heart crushed by the stories I am trying to remember when is the last time a man cried in an American movie?
Not like rage-cried when someone got "fridged" for the sake of giving the action guy reason to rage. Not like sloppy drunk "she left me" cry. Nor the one grudging tear thing. I mean cried.
Cant think of any


Yay for Hong Kong! Great news. A bit more to go but an exciting thing to wake up to today. :)

Brits are confusing again because lots going on. I.confess I tried to watch the last PM Questions and...ugh. Cant do it. He's horrible. Shouting but no answers.

Sept is going to be tough for me. It just is. Lots of other people's issues going on.

One good thing, unless I already mentioned, I went to buy a new bead at the store & the owners pulled out a tray of stuff they cant sell or return and they let me take as much as I wanted! 8 new glass beads for free! Whoooooooot! My autumn bracelet going to look amazing.

I watched Eddie Izzard comedy "dressed to kill" in French. With subtitles. But I remembered enough of his routine and my school French that I did pretty well without the subtitles. I did not know the French for "joke" "laugh" or "shag my grandmother". Cant wait to work those into casual.conversation, Eddie. ;)

Music: Rock and Roll Soniye. Very catchy.

Vermin newz ...aint

Dear Neilson Ratings... F U.

Vermin newz is NOT a news channel. By continuing to rate them as such is WRONG and I'm calling you out on it. They may talk about "news" but that makes them a talk show network, like The View is a talk show and not a news show. Shooting your mouth off and disregarding facts and integrity is NOT journalism. They do not claim to be journalists so WHY are you lumping in entertainment with journalism?

Their own terms of service clearly state that they are for "Entertainment". Can they be sued for liable or are they hiding behind "opinion" and "first amendement"? HMM???
Then they AINT NEWS.

Pisses me off. They get ranked "first in news" and it is the biggest lie of all!

My workplace keeps holding it up as proof that they are just giving the people the best news option. F U as well, idiots!

I do NOT understand how this is allowed. Nielson lies.

Journalism! Save us!