June 30th, 2019



Shriekback. Fish below the ice

I cant even tell you where I was when this song was first played for me. I just loved it at first chorus. Twang that base!

I also still need Steve Perry's new album...

OMG as I flashback y'all join me! This is what music videos used to look like! Look at the hair, the clothes, the extreme low budget and special effects. *rolls in it* (I still like the song.)
Colin Hay, Hold Me

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I want to post about finding dead baby birds, mothers and choices to not be mothers in nature. About Downton Abbey servants getting treated really well in a non-real way and rich people. About the word "assumably".
And politics.

I'm way too tired. :/

Coworker, "he's great! He got north korea to de-nuclearized their military."
I mean, I'm too tired to even get into that...

How is your weather? WE Had sun and moderate heat, then wind, then pounding rain, then sun and moderate heat. I am.worried about those horrible hot muggy days where rain only makes it more muggy. :/