June 8th, 2019


Brain a buzzing

I'm thinking a lot about ... Stuff.
Race and hidden racism and my mother worries that if her town's school system co-mingles with the school system in the next door town which is far more poor and of color that it will drive down property values. She's not wrong. And that is wrong.
and class and Fing white pride parade and "white fragility" and using terms when you dont fully grasp the concept(looking at you Streep).
But if someone is wrong we just explode with "wrong!" When really it would HELP if instead we first asked, "why do you say that?" and "what do you think that word means?" Beforehand
and how we're just moving so fast we do not think about what we are saying much less of what the other person is hearing, who has time?? and...
Screwtape's talk on patriotism.
And a 1976 photo of a white man using an american flag as a weapon to hit a black man on the streets of Boston, a place that believes it is so progressive.

And the assault on the women couple riding a bus in London

And and and

It's way too much for a post. And my brain.
So here's a kitten!


If you're going to get your kitten adopted - cute is good. Hats are better.