May 25th, 2019


Secrets shhh

I think I've asked something like this before.

Suppose, if you will, that someone hands you an envelope. You open it and read a short sentence. The sentence doesnt make much sense to you.

NOW the person hands you another envelope. Inside it tells you that once you know what that sentence is - if ANYONE in the know even suspects you might know this key sentence? Very Bad Things(tm) will happen to you and people you know. Very. Bad. Things.
But now that you know it, you can not forget it. You could try to find out what it means. It is possible you might find out why it is so dangerous. If the others dont find out that you know the sentence first. Or you can take this secret to your grave.

The person left as you were reading the second message. You're alone.

So, my little spies, what do you do?

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Okay, the garage doors opening by themselves is one thing. They are on different circuits, but sure, that could be an electrical surge.
The big, heavy teapot coming crashing down from the display area over the cabinets while no one was in the room? (thankfully).

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Wait... Wasnt it Teresa May who invited babyhands to a state visit? Isnt she leaving now? Can't everyone tell babyhands that means the invite is invalid???

Just saying!