May 15th, 2019


Plots agin me! Damn bunny

Dang it. Plot bunny had me in a headlock and I only got 4 hrs of sleep last night/this morning.


I havent written anything in months anyway. Had rolling plot bunnies but no commitment. Got maybe 3 chapters down? Been rewriting it in my head all day.

Damn bunny.

Elections at work


Honestly, they've been keeping us uninformed and apathetic for a reason. My coworkers will vote the same Liars, Cheats & Thieves right back in. If they even vote. The Liars, Cheats & Thieves will continue doing what they ruin behind their iron curtain.

It's all pretty pointless.

And frankly, if you're going to be a candidate in any election - RUN LIKE YOU WANT THE FING JOB

It's a job interview. Act like you want to get hired. Talk about yourself. Get your Fing //name// out there like you want people to remember to use it. Make the bigger pitch than your competition.

Thus I dont even know if I'm going to bother to vote.

Cassandra, Cassandra...

Bill Nye is supreme

In the last minute of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver he invited Bill Nye the Science Guy on to do a "fun experiment to explain climate change!"

It ends when the camera cuts back to John. "I think we broke Bill Nye."

Not work safe for use of lots of F bombs. ;)

This is the full segment link

Vermin news chose to argue not about the science but about whether Nye is a scientist, insisting he is not. He is and get over yourselves, liars. Plus WTF, liars? If he was the ONLY scientist saying climate change is real and crisis right now then /maybe/ that might matter but

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