April 23rd, 2019


Happy Earth Day

Or as happy as one can be given the earth circumstances atm...

I was going to post a picture of Angry Easter but since y'all dont watch the show you wouldnt get the joke. Just imagine that it was funny, *handwave*

I dont know what the Extinction Revolution is thinking but I certainly hope they've learned from Occupy Wallstreet's mistakes.

Everyone go plant a tree. Or a plant. Watch David Attenborough. Ask to not get a bag at the store if you do not need a bag to carry your items.
I dunno. You know the drill by now.?

(I mean, really, you /know/ the drill. Dont you get irked at people who talk to you like they themselves discovered the drill and treat you like you're lying if you say you do already know? Cuz irks me. I'm weird that way.)


I had forgotten that the easter parade & bonnet festival were still z thing Y

Have you ever worn a bonnet? Any jaunty hats?

At my mother's house I've seen a hawk around for years. It seems there is also an owl. She missed getting a pic. All the houses sit on acre or half acre lots. There are enough rodents around to feed a hawk and an owl. Possibly families of them. That's a lot of rodents.
The forsythia are finally blooming. Daffodils. Magnolia. Some tulips, not many. Trees showed buds 3 weeks ago but i havent had a chance to mention. Those are starting to turn red & green now.
Oh! I drove by a swampy area while the weather was drizzling. The bare trees were covered in new lichen growth. So inside these dark acres of wet black swamp pale, sick green skeletons of trees. The ends of the branches were black in the rain with the very tips deep dark red of new bud growth. Black wet shine, sick green stripes and deep red clouds. The effect was so unearthly.