February 5th, 2019


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I'm not entirely comfortable with this.
You remember I worried about a young cat wearing a purple collar with Zero road sense running around the neighborhood & she's in heat?
Well i only saw het twice & while she was friendly enough to sniff my hand she was more concerned about finding a boyfriend then paying attention to me OR traffic and ran off. The weather turned & i didnt see her again.
Until yesterday. My elder neighbor, who is a cat lady, has taken her in. She said she had the cat fixed & is keeping it inside. The cat looked perfectly happy with all her toys and a devoted cat lady all to herself.
But it was wearing a collar before. There's no collar now. We did not mention the purple collar.

On the one hand, someone out there is missing a cat. I know how devestating that can be. I know the hoops the vet made ME jump through before I could take in a skinny sickly stray. This cat was healthy and had a collar. I must suppose the origins of the cat were not...divulged.

On the other hand, the owners failed to get their cat FIXED. The cat in heat prob took off one day.
There have been no posters put up. No one is actively looking for this cat as far as I can tell. Of course it is impossible to tell how far away the owners are.

But the cat is now happy & healthy and loved. I cant argue with that.

But I remain a little uncomfortable about it. :/

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!
First day of it. Year of the Pig!
May you the strength and power of the dragon and horse. May you have fortune and abundance.
May you have good health and long life.
May y'all be blessed all year!