January 19th, 2019


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I spend part of my work week in what we workers often refer to as "china town". So many of our Chinese customers congregate in that area that the muzac is Chinese.
(Ponder whether "muzac" is still a common word?)

Looking around & counting heads, I am one of maybe 5 workers in a group of 50...who only speak one language. They speak Spanish, Chinese, Tagala, Loa, Russian, Lebonese,, German, etc. They are first, second and third generation.

I feel kinda stupid, truth to tell. What is wrong with our education system?

Retorical. I cant spell for another thing

Time after time

Remember I posted about a month ago about Time just doing weird things?
I got yelled at for being late from break last week. Next break I checked my watch against the time clock and it was 4 minutes behind. For some reason I stood there looking between the clock and my watch. In less than 2 minutes by the time clock, my watch caught up.

This morning people grumbled again about my being late.
I just checked my watch and it is 100% in synch with my phone. 2 hours ago my watch was a little slow to the time clock. My phone was slightly out of synch with the time clock when I came in. It is in synch now.
There are time clocks all over the property that /should/ all be in synch. They are not. I have other people confirm this. I'm the only one who finds this weird.

It is. Damn weird.


In other news, that Chinese comedy movie I terribly wanted to see last year (The Mermaid) - is now available with english subtitles /in our format/. Finally! *dance*
Now I just have to figure out how to order it without a computer...

Spoiled man children

I'm puzzled, mildly depressed and (most sadly of all) not really surprised that when Gillette razors asks men to do better the internet explodes with Not Better type men throwing hysterical fits.
"Dont wannaaaaa! You're mean! I'm not gonna play wif you if you dont let me win!". Drama Queens look calm next to them.

Honestly, guys? Cut back on the sugar.


If it is that difficult then, HEY! You've been doing it /wrong/.

*off box*

Gillette is awesone.

My last post was very negative.

To be more positive and to honor of The Womens March I am posting to praise Gillette and their ad and their bold step to support positive change.

Thank you Gillette!

They are so awesome I am switching from buying whichever razors are on sale to buying Gillette. I may even buy their shave cream instead of using bar soap.

Positive change! Whoot!

I endorse this.