December 20th, 2018


Holiday question

Have you ever handmade a holiday present for someone?

Have you gotten a handmade present?

Is there something you're going to buy for yourself this year?

In other news - a NASA engineer had a package stolen off his porch. He over-engineered and created a revenge package. If someone steals it, (it has motion sensors & gps), when they open it - Glitter Bomb!! With phones inside to film the chaos from all angles. It has been stolen 4 times. **GLITTER** like an entire pound of glitter. Youtube.
Do not mess with NASA. :D

I"m pondering making ornaments after seeing 'dot mandala snowflakes'. Cool. And fiddly.

(Not specifically endorsing this person's art. Just a visual reference. Judge for yo'self!)


Happy Solstice!

Hope the weather is good to you.

Hope your holiday is peaceful, joyful and full of love.

Let the sun shine in!

Edit: full moon & meteor shower solstice to boot