October 19th, 2018


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Go buy your lottery ticket!

If you win you'll be worth more than Beyonce. Which is weird.

I'll be worth more than Beyonce! I wont forget you. :D

Observation: while it is a relief from boredom to mentally cast coworkers in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you can not /tell/ any of then what you are doing because that could be harassment. But it is amusing.

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I am sorry. Really! I usually save everything up and create one long rambling post and today has just not bern that way.

The PBS station here has bern showing something called 'Autumn Watch'. Two chatty hosts (one is Samantha Brown) rule over segments featuring various Autumny events in New England. There's road trips to see the foliage, a gazzillion cameras spying on wildlife big and small, food features with recipes, local traditions, etc, etc. If you've ever wondered what it is all about when New England is at its best - tune in.

They claim that there are such programs in OLD England. Spring Watch, etc. Is this true?

The british chatty host almost broke the truck driving uphill when he mistook 2nd for 5th gear. Oops!!

There is also a 30 minute show, Weekends With Yankee (a magazine). This is fairly similar but a squige more grown-up. Offers some nice day trip ideas. And recipes.

Okay, if I'm fat CAN YOU BLAME ME? Damn advertising and sugar. :p

In other news, I have restrung my bracelet with orange, red, purple and gold beads. So autumnal! The skeleton looks very snug in the middle. It doesnt go with anything I wear. I'm pretty much a blue woman.
There. Now you can find me. :D

Oh and I //finally// got through to my first doctor's office (you remember they closed shop & moved?) I left my credit card info with the receptionist to give to the other receptionist. O.o I then asked for the office notes covering my case. We shall see.
And I bought a lottery ticket. I suppose I'd set up education foundations. I mean you /have/ to give that kind of money away. I get seasick on a yacht. Cant even spell it. Dont want it. Quote me.