October 16th, 2018


Strange new book

Picked up a new book, "This Body's Not Big Enough For The Two Of Us".
It is, roughly speaking, a hard boiled detective story. The writing style is trying way too hard to be a 'hard boiled detective'. The hook is that the detective is twins cohabitating one body. Physically overall very androgyous (altho this changes from chapter to chapter). The left side & brain is the male and the right is female and they talk and behave as separate people . Which would be interesting enough if it wasnt quite so cliche to have the science brain boy being the great detective and the emotional girl just messing everything up with impulsive behavior. I mean wth? First off, i'm pretty sure that describes super ego and id, not left and right brains. Second, ewwww lame gender stereotypes! Third, having a male/female character could have been so much better and what a waste. I was hoping for a more lgbtq thing.
PLus the writing style is peppered with desperation. I open randomly to read "...Gwen poured coffee whose atomic weight granted it a position in the lanthanides section of the periodic table."
And " ..she just held the cup in her hand and kept abusing exclamation signs... "
*ponder* I do take some pleasure in an author who obviously keeps a thesaurus at hand. Perhaps it is that I can read that the thesaurus is being wielded with strong intent by someone who needs one? Or that they are trying so damn hard to turn a phrase that they have lost their grace. I dunno. I am, however, slogging away at it, riding a hope that the grains of good ideas can be sifted out. The writing style is almost as manic as the main character. Disconcerting. We shall see.

The twins sort of trade off control of the entire body as an effort of will. Fyi.

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I wasnt going to post this because I get paranoid.
My phone has just begun to spam me with ads that are not ads but political questionaires so /they already know me/. Hrumph.

You know how The Wall came down due to economic pressures cuz planning things 4-10 years in advance was not such a great strategy?
If we over here keep digging deeper and deeper into our trenches and doing everything we can to UNDO everything that was accomplished in the previous term -- we're going to be MORE SCREWED.
We can NOT wipe the slate every 2-4 years. It is the stupidest thing EVAH. It is dooming.
Pay attention.
OTHERS seem to have caught onto this. With glee.


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Health update

Still no money.
Doctor #1 still will not answer their phone nor call me back. But does send bills.
New shoe inserts hurt instead of help even after "adjustments" so I dont wear them. $570 blown
No help
No help

Oh and sidenote - neighbor's cat has HUGE lump on one side of its jaw. I'm very concerned. Prob absess.
That neighbor wasnt home but I left the business card of the good cheap vet with the nice neighbor directly below them. Fingers crossed, because he's a really affectionate black cat. :/ *fret*

Temp 52. Gas =2.98. Leaves about half gone. No color.
Angry, fire, guns

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LJ throws my posts into other journals. Wtf

Neil Gaimen's poem "Instructions".
I disagree with some. What's your take on it?

Watched the old Dean Martin as Matt Helm movies last night. Stupid fun. I needed that.
Altho I am scared to admit that I cant seem to take the "omg this is all so offensive! I see it!" glasses off. Molly ringwold.
(I do still like the innocent destroying a vital bad guy machine by dropping a hair pin in it. Crunch!)

Saw some amazeball armor! Omg how much spare time did this take? How obsessive does one have to be? Look.at the red leather dragon outfit! That's walking around in the world, i has pics!

This is my new angry icon. I feelz it