October 12th, 2018


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Sports channel on. Showing clips from some "ultimate fighter" thing that got completely out of control. "People jumped into the ring?" "Oh those guys are just crazy. They shouldnt even be allowed to fight."
"Spectacle!" I jazz-hands.
Which made me think of the oval office meeting that just happened. Spectacle! This morning the news talk was, "he is clearly in need of help and someone should have stopped it and made it a private meeting."
"Two reality stars"
The Romans had spectacles to keep the population under control. I wonder if they ever had volunteers for the arena? People chasing fame. Hometown gladiator, like our Wrestlers.
Gladiator the movie. Cesar rigs the match so he should win. What if he had? Roaring fans.
We seem to disregard "rules" of the gamez as long as WE can claim victory. When did this happen? Has it always been so? Is this then Human nature? Or male? Or what?

Squash bucklers

Music: mumford & sons, "guiding light"

It is that time of year again! In 2014. Which is to say that I like this picture even though it is from several years ago. And the term squash bucklers!

I had a nice fellow visiting from England as a customer today. (Wish I could go back with him.) We discussed the weird American obsession with pumpkin spice. I can not explain it. We eventually semi-settled on the idea that it is linked to thanksgiving and comfort food. "It is the end of summer and we can stop eating kale!" Prob also linked to the pumpkin harvest time and we're flush with pumpkins! Honestly, toss a gourd into the scrub at the side of your yard and by this time next year you'll have a new crop sneaking into your lawn.