October 11th, 2018


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I bought lottery tickets. 2. I do this when the jackpot gets to an outrageously high amount because Hey, it could happen! Other people attempt to shame me with logic. "Dont you know the odds against you?" Yep. But lightening does strike and the odds are "to one" arent they? It is possible. So why not? "Why dont you play when the jackpot is only a million? Same chance of winning." Because I am vaguely aware of tge odds and IF I'm going to win once in my lifetime, let's make it worth it. Not throwing all my money into this retirement plan, thanks. This is my "why not?" limit. Make it worth it.
Which reminds me, a customer today was lamenting that the stock market went down and he 'lost a lot of money today'. O.o. It is the stock market, dude. Not a bank. You didnt 'lose' the money you had last week because you didnt have those chickens or eggs that you are counting. You didnt buy thousands in stock last week. You are gambling. Until you cash out - nothing counts.
The stock market is not a retirement plan. Our grandparents are not living off the stock market. They were never that dumb. Diversity is not a dirty word it is a necessity! Our grandparents and parents had SAVINGS *gasp* that earned /interest/, something we have completely given up and handed over. They had PENSIONS. We have other people gambling with our nest eggs. Our fragile tiny nest eggs. That's our one plan.

In other news ...!!
I bought booze. I was in a store which had a huge selection of nip bottles. I got my winter cough med Wild turkey w/honey, ameretto, absinthe Mephisto, and...couple others. Cant think of them now. The lemon stuff is for my brother. The absinthe was supposed to be for the whole family to witness the specticle but...no one was into that. Or the idea of baking cookies. You can not make a horse drink. Unless maybe with the lure of a tiny paper umbrella.

Have you ever tried absinth?