September 27th, 2018


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Korean Boy Band. Bts. They're very Boy Bands.
Define? I think they must have boys who share the singing and maybe dont play instruments. Which technically disqualifies them as a band. I dont think I liked any as a teen. Did you?

Shopping! Dvds!
Farscape Season 1
firefly, all
the Electric Company special
Babes in toyland Laural & Hardy
national parks

sgt peppers (Paul Is Dead!) Scares me
meatloaf, acoustic

Hows about you?

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K, I didnt get to watch much, which isnt a bad thing given how drawn out it all was
<.< >.>
Dude, you say you remember everything. If it was truly just another party where nothing special happened - how the hell do you have ANY memory of it? Seriously. One night out of hundreds in your high school past and you remember? And no, you didnt talk to anyone to help you remember?
Not buying that. At all.
Y'all should be saying just what I said. "It was a normal night! NOthing weird! I most certainly did not because I never, ever did anything like nor would I ever."
But you didnt say that. No.