September 26th, 2018


Gah. Listening to vermin. "Innocent until proven guilty!". Which I agree. But then vermin is yelling that the women are lying. Which is...hypocritical, "guilty", dudes.


Anyone gonna mention the underage drinking? Just wondering.


So, the other week I was listening to an audio book of "thriller" stories. You know, crime/mystery stuff. I was enjoying one with a detective and his squad trying to catch a serial killer. They made a big thing about the detective having massive unresolved sexual tension with the woman in the squad. Then she gets kidnapped by the killer. Isnt that a set-up? Well the woman uses her brains and talks the killer into a mistake and she starts fighting like mad and I'm thinking "All right! Kick arse woman!" Then I writer, no MALE writer is going to set up a story with a guy hero and allow the woman to rescue /herself/. Doesnt matter how kick arse she is because the guy hero must do the rescueing. So I popped the audio book out of the machine just as she and the killer were facing off and
MY CANON is that the hero eventually shows up to find her sitting on the tied up bad guy and "what took you?"
Ta freaking Da. :D
I hate bad tropes.

In other news... The UN laughed, which made me laugh.

In other news, Yeah sorry Europe. Sorry about Bannon. Sorry snd BEWARE

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Huh. New term learned today: Bed sit apartment. This is apparently just between a rented bedroom and a studio apartment. A room with maybe a sink but no bathroom.

In other news - we're seeing a surge in squirrel population, bears are coming right into people's houses and poisonous snakes are kinda right behind the bears.

In other, other news FOOD! I have one of those ceramic bowls with the spike in the middle used to bake apples but I've never used one. Any suggestions?