September 8th, 2018


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Saw my first flock of migrating birds today.

The whole past week I've been trying to stay hydrated in the broiling heat wave inside & out - i've been waking up every 2 hours. Last night i think i slept strait thru. Yet my brain fog today is legendary.

<.< >.> Been watching The Saint. It does not hold up to memory. I far prefer Maverick.

Any weekend plans?

I may skip Ren fairs entirely this year. I have been denied days off so far. know

Fud! Bacon edition

K, so wandering the market looking for "aaple butter" for my mother cuz she thinks it is healthy, I see this upon the shelf - BACON JAM

It's a thing. There are recipes. I believe I'd prefer the Stonewall Kitchen version because it mentions "small bits of bacon" and other things. Like bourbon. Yes, I'd like bourbon, ta.

Stonewall has many nommy jams btw. Most excellent stuff.

And of course there are websites dedicated to the love of bacon. I like bacon. I do not /love/ bacon. But my curiousity is peaked by long stem BACON ROSES.


I aint paying $90 for them. No. But I kinda want to try making them. What do you suppose? Lean thick bacon cooked to just before crisp, rolled and then maybe finished under a broiler?

Which reminds me of the apple roses I keep imagining I'll bake one of these days...