August 2nd, 2018


Kiddie questions

Did you have one or more imaginary friends growing up? Or now?

Did your parent of your same gender do anything special to "bond" with you?
If you had siblings, did you get jealous of their bonding?

What'your ranking 1-10 on-
Hula hoop?
Double dutch?
Dodge ball?

Have you seen "spikeball"?

(no subject)

What do they have on him? They dont need an old tape. All they need to do is a simple, "Oh hell yes! He knew everything about it! Even we couldnt believe how easy it was. We use the evidence it as training material. And when we need a good laugh. We /could/ share our evidence but... we'd rather watch you guys squirm, scream and do backflips. We've made popcorn."

It is to laugh. Ha.