July 29th, 2018


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So...that sucked.

To coworker: "Don't do that."
Cow orker does it more.
Me: "Don't."
Cow Orker does it specifically.
Cow Orker sees big bosses coming and stops.
Big Bosses walk through, "Do not do that."
Cow ORK waits until Big Bosses leave and DOES IT MORE.

Seriously. Dude. Why you gotta be like that? Why you gotta be a dick? You aint got one so you gonna try to be one? I a girl and I know how that ratio plays out. You TINY and you know it!
See this? THIS is yet /another/ woman walking away from you.
*z snap*

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In related news...

Okay men, or anyone else, if a woman says,"It is cold in here!". And you immediately respond with "I'm not cold."
WTF do you think that's going to do???

Do you honestly believe your statement is going to suddenly change her mind? "Oh! Yes, thank you for explaining to me that I'm wrong! My body was wrong and your experience of the world is the only thing that matters in the universe! Thank YOU that you're here! I feel just as warm as you do now!"

O.o o.O

If you said, "It's cold in here." And /anyone/ said, "No it isnt." Would YOU be convinced?

This applies to hot, cold, bright, dim, loud, quiet...ALL the senses. ANYONE.

Mansplaining. Have you seen the flow chart? I want the framed desktop copy