June 21st, 2018


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It is a shame when a game is decided BY THE REF NOT SEEING THINGS
Messi was literally stomped on. He spent more time eating grass then with the ball. The Ref ignored it all when the intention to foul was CLEAR across the whole team.


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I didnt have the batteries left to mention this yesterday but pete Fonda's tweet was beyond the pale and I know he was angry but SHAME. He took it down, he apologized and he damn well should have. SHAME.

In other news, um... No, you cant walk around in a jacket with a negative message in giant writing and then claim people who read it are critizising your /fashion/. No. No one stuck "kick me" on your back. You knew what it saud when you put it on. Or, and I hate to say this, did you think the people you were visiting couldnt read?
Now maybe the two stories are related and the jacket is a response to the tweet? (She said generously?)

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I feel like I stepped out of bounds in the cantina.

In other news, I stumbled across a repeat of the tv show Leverage. I'd forgotten about it. It is still good and the characters are all interesting, funny and awesome. To refresh your memories it is about a group of criminals who join their talents in order to help the downtrodden. "The rich and powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you."
If you like bbc Hustle, you may like this. And other way round.

I really like watching the actor Chris Kane move. He stage fights with grace.

In other, other news - Dang! "Little big shots" just had a trio of kids sing "Somebody To Love" and they kinda killed it!

Politics - despite the signature...nothing changed. I see that. I see it here and I see it with NK.
Wtf else are they trying to hide back there?