June 15th, 2018


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And then Ronaldo does crazy awesome stuff that makes it look eeeeeeasy. Which is not to say he's the only guy out there and hey, TIE. Both teams hugged it out after and that is awesome of all.

World Cup. It's like the Olympics. But /serious/.

I have my Messi badge on. So if you want to find me.

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Fan of the man? His music producer? Tony Visconti, went back through the music library of Bowie's work and remixed to create a singular musical experience of Bowie's talent. This remix plays while you visit the exhibit "David Bowie is..."

Bowie producer Tony Visconti's specially created mega-mix vibrates the headphones;

After hearing just a small sample, I hunger for the whole. It is fascinating to hear him explain the layering and remixing. He is as much the artist. I suppose people who do his job WELL all are. The Beatles are lifted from stardom to legend by such.
Mixing "I'm afraid of Americans" with "Young Americans" is the easy thing, but this guy just...Buh. Is good!

This exhibit is currently at the Brooklyn Museum until July 15. This may be the last stop of the exhibit tour. Dunno if it has a home.

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I watched Hugh Grant's first movie(?) called "The Lady and the Highwayman"

Um...not sure how I feel. It is just so

Stolen from other movies? Scarlet Pimpernel, Robin Hood, and a half dozen romance novels. There are truck-though-it plot holes and creaky old cliches.
The costumes are passable.

I bought it because it has Michael York and Oliver Reed. For extremely little screen time.

Seen it?

It isnt trash. It just isnt really worth watching without wine and popcorn. Ok, it might be like having wine with popcorn, come to think.