May 16th, 2018


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Oh brexit. You cheater.

In other news, the Preakness race is coming up. Here's the list
Post Position, Horse, Odds

7. Justify (1-2)
5. Good Magic (3-1)
1. Quip (12-1)
4. Diamond King (30-1)
8. Bravazo (20-1)
3. Sporting Chance (30-1)
6. Tenfold (20-1)
2. Lone Sailor (15-1)

I post it now because this is WEDDING weekend. Things have priority. You gonna watch? Think she'll wear a tiara? Care much?

Today at work I was in a new area. The area in /front/ of the music speakers. My coworkers who control the volume were behind the speakers. There's a point in the recording where the guy who made the tape cranked up the base and I always sneak the sound down a little. Today when we got to that point the noise level seriously HURT my ears. (Maybe because I dont spend my weekends as a DJ?) I asked for them to turn it down "a little". I was scoffed at. I am holding one hand over one ear for an hour, trying to midigate the pain and all my coworkers & both supervisors ignored my protests. I asked for the big boss to be summoned. I asked to switch areas. I asked to go home sick.
Nothing. Ignored. Scoffed.
WTF? It is the smallest thing in the world I ask and I get treated like this?
I went to the big boss's office and complained. He called the desk, "Can we get the sound turned down?"
That's it. Nothing about how I was treated. Zip.

WTF planet? What's going on with this week?
Alphabet you, world! 6 21!

Ok, I am not a "high value" woman. I see that. But wtf am I supposed to be doing?