May 15th, 2018


Technology sucks

My brother very nicely and kindly got me a new computer for my birthday. Yay?

Problem - how to connect it to the Web?
The cable company will do it, but they insist they must come into my house and hook it up themselves. They can't just hand me the box. WTF?
The phone company said the same. WTF?

I'm not home to let them in. I'm most certainly not home in the 4hr+ window they want me to provide.

So this new computer is going to sit next the 10 year old "new" $1000 computer that also has never been used. Lovely expensive door stops.

And my 1995 computer that has a phone line modem remains my one functional computer. It just cant do anything.


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While I'm in a whinging mood...

FU to my family. 2 years ago when my nephew was graduating college I got an announcement in the mail and I ran down to the office& put in for 5 days of vacation so I could go down and attend. When I told my family they said, "Oh! Sorry, there's a limited # of tickets available." Which wasted my vacation time.
This time when he graduated for his advanced degree, there was zero notice sent to me. They just got back and are all, "Gee, wish could have been there! There were plenty of tickets, but of course there's no way you could have gotten the time off."

And the pollen is everywhere. My head is pounding.
Here, watch the "pollen bomb" when someone bumps a tree

Went to my podiatrist. Got the new shoe inserts. $500+. Hasnt seen me since Jan and he never once asked how I'm doing. Nothing about my pain levels. NOthing.
I have no confidence in these things making any difference.
His staff were complete bitches. WTF

Remember how I'm unpaid for 1/4 of my yearly salary because of him & his staff not filling out paperwork? Remember that? I remember.