April 12th, 2018


Got some wild, wild life

Driving home last night. Without going into too much, there are rivers and creeks all around. Coming to a bridge over one of these last night /in town/ I see something moving in the road. I stop. It is alive, dark, wet, furry, has an elongated body and walking with a decided waddle. WTH? I inch forward to get it in the headlights. It even stood up on two legs for me to see. A BEAVER?
This is in downtown. With sidewalks. Businesses. A freakin wild beaver!
I followed behind for awhile to escourt it so no one would hit it. I warned the young couple out with their pregnant pitbull and they went the other direction. (Cuz it eould not end well.). I even remembered to try to take pictures. Sadly cellphone cameras may be good at selfies but anything more than 10 feet away comes out tiny & blurry so it is a pic of the whole street with a tiny black blob to one side. (Grr)
Beaver. Who knew? As much of a surprise as the bald eagle couple years ago.
I had to get out and diswade him from going too far into town and he eventually went back to the water. Hope he stays there!
Whew! life
In other nature news - the past couple storms tore the trees assunder. Like whoa. Trees are broken halfway up the trunk. Serious torque to do that.