April 11th, 2018


Do Your Taxes! and films

youtube just sends me all over the place. i like it.

So in 2016 the #2 movie in the world was a rom/com/fant/adv movie called "The Mermaid". Which roger ebert said was truly funny. I checked out the preview and...Yeah funny! I would have watched it if given the option.

Why are we so darn English-orientated? I mean say foreign film to us and we immediately think weird black&white French art film. We must miss a lot of good stuff.

Which led to crypt tv, short horror films. If you're into such things. The production value is really good. The pace is languid. Start anywhere or start with The Little Mermaid side show.

Or stick with funny! Did I show you this "The God?"

How about Lambs? If you have kids. (ha!)

OMG FUNNY if you Wiley Coyote or Scrat from Ice Age. Oscar's Oasis -

In other news, I live in a weird area. Like reaaaaally weird. Like I tuned into that local cable stuff again where anyone can put on a 30 minute show (within reason). We're beyond flat earth here. We're government conspiracy, aliens, tracking people via implants and microwaves, and why havent they answered my mail?! And yet still Obama's fault.
I'm unnerved. o.O

Meanwhile a few trees have been brave enough to try to bud. Did I mention it snowed yesterday? Brief, but still.