March 7th, 2018



On the subject: was reading a ONTD post regarding such things in adults

lj caitiecat said "Man, I wouldn't call what they did bullying, I'd say it's straight up harassment. To clarify, I think the word bullying allows people to downplay actions and in some case infantilize those responsible. "

lj gastly responded, "I agree. I was bullied in elementary school, I was harassed as an adult. Eight year olds don't know the full impact of what they're doing, 28 year olds do."

I so agree.

if you are interested in the original topic post:

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It is storming & I dont really want to drive home in it. :/ Not that sitting here will improve conditions. Least I have a full belly & empty bladder. LOL!

News showed woman who was pulled over by a cop who pretty randomly said he had to frisk her - only she said he groped her. Which while it isnt grapgically on the dash cam, it looks pretty suslicious. On her way home /same cop/ did the /same thing/. His police department is defending him and I am totally on her side. The cop saw her truck coming down the road & went for her. Not acceptable! Time Is frellin Up! She's sueing & i dont blame her.

Doesnt matter who or where or when - anytime men & women interact is plenty of time for a scummy man to be scummy. Unfortunately.

There was something not at all ranty I was going to mention. it is gone gone gone