February 3rd, 2018


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snip snipe snap! let's get into other peoples business and gossip shall we?
ton brady had his son kiss him on the lips. boy is 10-11. was the kiss too long? is it wrong? do you care? why not! look it up
if it was a daughter would your view change?

Super bowl ads are out! excited?

bwahahaha tv

The rule is whomever is first to the TV picks the channel. Unless one is unspeakable rude &/or no one cares.
I was first down at dinner. I switched to local news from vermin yelling. I am unreasonably pleased with myself. Gleeful on the inside, dare I say.
I watched my coworkers file in and eat, all quietly watching and being bored by the news.

remember that feeling?

*rolls in the daisies* squeeeee!