January 22nd, 2018


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yay vermin news is doing an indepth story on the corruption of the clinton foundation. cuz...that's what we should be focused on. Right? Not that they are accurate. They are insinuating. Oh the problem is that Bill charged more for speeches after he was President than he did before? That's the conspiracy?
Um...all presidents do this. Lots of people get paid more for speeches after they gain popularity, something that would surprise vermin news if they werent getting paid. a lot. for speaking in front of a crowd of viewers. Hmm...

I am also listening to conspiracy theories of my coworkers. yay. Gold is missing from fort knox. k. the government is hiding this fact. k. Well frankly they can go right on hiding it cuz it doesnt appear to have effected the economy. If you want to tell me someone stole it and is living large that's something else, innit?

As for the "big" news story (of the moment) I really dont care about the fuss in politics. Feh. Get back in the room and I'll care about what the big deal when there's a result. Double feh.

In Other News!! Back in Oct I found a ring on the floor at work and turned it in to Lost & Found. As one does. Lost items are held for 90 days. I then had until the 106th day to reclaim it. Today was 106 and I has ring.
It is a man's ring. Silver ring with the teeniest dark stones in lines down the side. The top is a thin, flat disc of red stone set in a gold-tone metal, possibly gold. I dont understand the color change. I also dont understand the underside of the stone has an ornate filigrie disc which in theory makes the ring more comfortable to wear because it curves around the ring, but isnt at all like the geometric design of the ring.
I haz ring. I haz salt cleaned it.

I looked up the old video game Bust A Move (Groove) on youtube for the music. Why havent I done this before? I still like Shorty, Frieda and Pinky. :)
is Shorty

music: Rescue by Yuna
She by Dodie Clark


Oh Mr Hooper. Le sigh.

Anyway! How often do you go grocery shopping? Once a week? Every couple days? 2 weeks or more? Keeping in mind I am kind of including trips for spare part.

I am thinking about how people used to buy grocery items daily. Some still do. I mesn, not counting it, but you may buy a fresh coffed each morning. People used to get milk and bread etc every day. Fridges help.