December 19th, 2017


Happy Birthday!

Today I celebrate that you are more than a friend - you are a friend with cake!
My word, unless you are fibbing, random AND blue have birthdays today!
Happy happy! Joy joy!

I wish each of you a wonderful day filled with all the good things in life and awesome presents. Cake is a good thing in life. Have cake!

May your best wish come true

I'm out!

Yay! Work has (seemingly) honored my medical leave. I'm not fired! Yet. Chickens. Eggs.
"chickens are the method by which eggs self-replicate"

I called my union today and they asked if i wanted them to fight my being fired. I said "I have been fighting for two months." So they said, "Would you like us to help?" I said the problem was the 3 parties arent talking to each other. They laughed and said, "Dont we know it! Happens every time!" They said they'd nave someone call me Friday to start discussing my case.
Then I went into work later today and checked my schedule and it /appears/ work got the message from my insurance on Monday and Ta da! my schedule is clear. I shall call tomorrow just to be sure this is kosher.

Then I can switch to fighting just the doctor and the insurance company to GET MAH MONEY.
It is just apt to be tougher when money is on the line.

never go in against a sicilian when death is on the line! ha! hahahahaha *thud*