November 1st, 2017


happy halloween

Halloween. Was at a party at a friend's house.
First, they were giving out Hershey minis in the paper wrapper. I believe those are way not appropriate for Halloween candy cuz it is loosely wrapped in paper. Parents are going to throw these away for safety.
What do you think?

When it was my turn to answer the door I offered the bowl to the kids and the first 2 took one piece of candy each. The next girl, dressed as Cleopatra, she grabbed a huge handful. I just said, "Look at you go, Queenie!" and next thing I know all the kids on the porch are grabbing candy with both hands.
Le sigh.
I mean there was still plenty of candy on hand but the point is why do kids do that? Why do adults do that? Did I just reenforce bad behavior and help create more bad adults? (yes)

I was dressed as a pharmaceutical rep. I had bottles of candy in the pockets of my Pfizer lab coat, shirt n tie plus glasses. Pretty comfy and not much fuss. Of course I still fussed.
Tired now. Too much candy. Oh a couple sips of whiskey - mark your calendar.
Depressed about NYC attack. And the college shooting and the Japanese...okay the Japanese thing is way freaky. Halloween.

General're an idiot and you have lost all credibility. Buh bye. "States were more important than the nation"? No, those state rights were /slavery/. This was about slavery. The economic dependency on exploiting and torturing other humans for fun and profit. Duh.

Stupid statements are coming too fast to keep track of.