September 8th, 2017


seismic connections?

just a thought. If north korea set off a 6+ earthquake, which is big, with an underground bomb can we say that mexicos 8+ earthquake, which is BIG and unusual, is...related? Maybe? yes.
Countries thinking they are not directly effected by possible nuke war, fallout, refugees and crop failure might want to think about how all the plates are related. just saying

brain dump

Well heck, I also worry that climate change is causing the rise in gypsy moths (amongst other things) which is causing defoliagization which is reducing the shade which is making the forest dry which could kill the amphibians and possibly change us to a mostly evergreen habitat which are acidic and... just an eco disaster! Bats and bees are dying off and mosquitoes and ticks are lethal. Just saying!

Gasoline, which they said would be /fine/ because the houston hurricane supposedly was only going to cause local shortages in texas and the country was swimming in surplus... ahem. has leapt more than fifty cents a gallon and is currently $2.98. Fubar.

Ok. Deep breath.

Have you heard Kind World? It has NICE heartwarming, positive vibe news stories. For when you need a drink of human kindness.

I am running for a promotion at my second job. Of course if I am not physically /running/ by next Friday I automatically lose that chance AND the job. Have to wait until at least 2020 to get another chance. yay