August 16th, 2017


charm shopping

See? Rather talk about this!
I am alllllmost done with this charm bra elet. Got skeleton yesterday. Foiled in my attempt to get lion dance today. (Someone else bought the store's whole stock of 12! Must wait for reorder.) This thing is a leak in my bank account. If sold in 1 piece I'd never have ponied up. Sheesh!
Also bought black leather platform stiletto booties. Charlotte Russe. Damn! $9. No, my feet are not any better... wishful dreaming and $9

Wounded again, media monopolies and mayo

Ow. Today was my first day trying to stand at work again. /As I'm signing in/, getting my assignment, I am surrounded by (idiots!) coworkers who do not get out of the way so I can allow the next person in line to also sign in. I have nowhere to go but backwards when I feel there is something waiting under my left heel. My injured left heel! I spring to prevent reinjuring my heel and twist my ankle. What I stepped on was a coworker. Idiot.
After 3 hrs I said, "heck with this" and signed myself out. "Your foot hurts? Walk to the other building and fill out a report."

In other news: have you ever heard of or HAD a peanut butter and mayo sandwich? It's a thing. A southern thing?

In other OTHER news: a single media company, conservative, is maneuvering to buy up 70% of local news stations across the USA. This should be illegal but, well, guess who thinks that's a swell idea?
So Conservatives shall have The Pres, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, most of the lesser courts, the Federal Agencies, most of the state Governors, most of the State legislators, AND the news media? Wow. Let that sink in. Checks and balances only work if someone uses them. Buckle up!

In other news: How can kids be going back to school in 2 weeks? They got out last week of June! Didn't we used to get 3 months summer vacation? Not 2?

edit: oh yes and i've slightly dizzy past couple days.

Hurricane Gert! That name tickles me. Big dino, wasnt it?

It's Wed

So! My Pres is an idiot. He's a racist. He's snapped out condemnations (wtf ones) against his lack of condemnation faster than...than he fired The Mooch! Babyhands's a bad man morally and ethically and we KNEW that.
Moving on.

In other NEWS...a couple in Florida blew up their SUV while they were driving it. They apparently loaded their propane gas grill in the back of the SUV, prob fun day at the beach. They forgot to turn the gas off on the grill. When the woman tried to light her cigarette...
I'm just. How do you not smell leaking propane filling your car? If you do, how do you reach for FIRE?
Blew the roof off, windshield out, destroyed the vehicle and wrecked the car next to it on the road. The couple got some burns but will recover.

U S A! U S A! U S A?

Did I mention I got the skeleton charm?