July 30th, 2017


giant puppets in Ottawa

Dang it! I should have been in Canada! A phrase I expect to use more often in the next 4-5 years. In this case what I mean is GIANT ROBOT PUPPETS!!!
I should give them their own tag. Giant spider Kudo returned and had a dragon, Long Ma, with it. Just extraordinary to watch. Ginormous. *shudder* *drool*
Long Ma walking. Not in Ottawa, but this gives best sense of scale.

Long Ma has a sense of humor

The giant spider is almost too scary to watch and you've seen it so I'm not posting it. :D

It was also street art weekend in Bristol, England at Upfest. I like the John Lennon one best.

What else? Still have the Lyme symptoms. Getting a little nervous and irked by this. And since I havent gotten around to /canceling/ the podiatrist I may go. Not that I expect much. In fact the leg cramps are coming back.

That ESPN ad mocking the guys in armor? Yeah, found out this is the first weekend of the Pennsic War. What timing, beetches!! I hope they call you out on it, but they prob won't cuz they are too busy have fun bashing each other with sticks in a physical sport that, ESPN, you make ///no/// money off of! Ha! Double Ha!!

Hmm. I heard a joke on the radio. It's good but it is long. Dunno if I want to write it out.

giant puppets!! missed them again. :/