July 26th, 2017


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Dang! They done took wifi away at work! I've managed to sneak in atm but if I drop outta postin fer days at a time, that be why. Crumbs!

Hope y'all ok. I'm getting by. You know...saga.

I haz flaws n claws

I know big shocker, right?!! LOL

But in this case it is that while I don't smoke or drink or do drugs or people to cope with stress and relax, I do eat. I munch on crunchy things like cereal and chips. I graze all the time.
With this med I have a 6-7 hr window when I can eat. So like 2-3 in the afternoon until 9pm at which point I have to stop.
This is rrrrrrrrreally grating my nerves.

Plus I have a window for when I can sleep of 6-7 hrs and I am /not/ sleeping well (hardly at all) during that time.

I have been losing my temper pretty easily of late.
>.> <.<
Ok people have deserved it for being stupid rat bastards and not listening the first 2 times I tell them something

but still. I am showing a bit of stress. :/