June 28th, 2017


foot by foot

Music! Stuck in mah head
"Whatever Gets You By" by The Features.

(which is the theme used in the documentary series, Circus. The song is very circus.)

I went to my doctor, who wasn't in, and was seen by a different doctor. 1 She didn't seem all that thrilled to be asked to examine feet. I think she touched me once. 2 I wrote everything down ahead of time (1hr + waiting) and read it off but she zeroed in only on "tingling" because she ordered blood work to check for diabetes and lyme disease. And sent me home.
I can not work. Wtf. I gotta wait for blood tests?
I insisted on getting a Doctor's note to please be restricted to sitting for 2 weeks.
Today I hobbled into work wearing 3 layers of insoles in my shoes, put down not one but two of our ergonomic mats to stand on, and spent 6 hrs dancing from one pressure point to another like someone was shooting at my feet.
Because work can not process a request to be switched to a sitting position until the request paperwork gets filed with all the right people who also need to approve said request. They dont even have the paperwork yet.
Because John in the office is a d..angling anatomy. No, seriously, he is. He tried to tell me I couldn't sign for the paperwork and after a moment of arguing I left and was ringing my Union rep's -home phone- number in the hallway. I'm in pain and I am NOT in the mood to play games. She was on his boss's phone a minute later. It is the principle of the thing. Lazy arse.


Music: "Circus" by Caitlin Evanson

I suppose it is not so much that I am grooving on female voices as a change - it is that female voices are being offered to me...for a change.