May 10th, 2017


History repeats, grandma?

I never actually knew my Grandma on my father's side. She and my mother did /not/ get along even a little. I think I met her 3 times in my life and my mother refused to be in the same state during those brief visits.
Part of this, i'm sure was the drinking. Gramms was an alcoholic and a flirt. She apparently didn't have much of a filter on her. Know what I mean?
I've been thinking about how outrageously polite my family is. Things are heavily filtered, except between my mother and myself. (And even then I filter pretty heavily all things taken.)
And that bothers me. I have always felt covering over things isn't healthy. I like to call a spade a spade. This apparently is rude.
So I wonder if I take after my Gram with my frankness? I've no one left to ask. Is that genetic?

Also, remember Roger Rabbit?
*tap tap-tap Tap tap*...
"No toon can resist the ol' Shave And A Haircut..."
"Roger, no!"

"You mean you could have taken your hand outta the handcuffs at any time?"
"No, not at any time! Only when it was funny!"

I feel my personality has a lot of that. I'm a slave to a strait-line.

*smoking* "Who are yooooou?"

>.> <.<
Dude, if i manage the self-control to disguise what i really think? I am up to something. Just saying.